Aliens in the dreamtime

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    I recently did a bit of a deeper study into the Aborigines and their mythology as a whole.

    One myth in particular, which can be found in three tribes situated in the Kimberley region of Australia, the Wandjina's, seems to stem from a sort 'alien origin', which supports the idea that earlier civilizations were at least approached or aided by a higher power.

    What makes it even more interesting is the 'white beings' depicted by a natural 'black society'. Of course the whiteness could simply be a way to represent them as more than the average aborigine. In a way being an opposite representation of their own people. Thus, different not only in story, but also visually.

    It is also said that they 'went back into the sky' and also taught the people their rites and rituals.

    Although this can also be found in many Aboriginal myths, who were taught by ancestor spirits and still keep them going today.

    Has anyone done any further research into the idea that older civilizations were approached by extra terrestrials?

    I find the idea quite interesting, and it was rather fun to find such a delightful surprise hidden in the vast spans of Aboriginal Mythologies :)
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