Ares, god of war

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    Ares was the God of War and had a major thirst for battle and blood. Ares loved the thrill of war so much that he didn't care about justice just the battles. Ares was the son of Zeus and Hera but he chose to live among the people of Thrace. The people of Thrace were known for their constant wars and battles between tribes. Makes you wonder if Ares being there added to these wars. Ares lacking moral decency, cunning and strategy was often ran off of battle fields by humans who wanted to make peace. He was so disliked that not even his parents liked him.

    I can't help but think of the Ares on Hercules the series, now he was definitely likable and not because of his personality. Sexy!
  2. fibi ducks

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    I like this description of Ares a lot. Where did you find out this stuff about him from?
  3. Goddess2u

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    I like this description too. It is interesting when you read this and think of Ares and Aphrodite having a fling and producing a child. She must have liked something about him.:)
  4. LegendofJoe

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    It's funny that you mentioned the Hercules series. I'm a big fan of that as well as the Xena series. He was kinda hot with his black leather pants.
    One of my favorite scenes in The Iliad is when Ares is spuring on the Trojans to wreak havoc on the Greeks. Athena meanwhile encourages Diomedes to attack Ares. He is at first afraid, but then manages to wound Ares. Ares goes screaming up to heaven only to get scolded by Zeus. The gods may be immortal, but apparently they can get wounded and feel pain.
  5. fibi ducks

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    I did notice that when Diomedes wounded Aphrodite, just before that, she went for comfort to her mother, and then when Ares went to Zeus, well Zeus is his father. When the going gets tough, the gods go home, well some of them do.
  6. Travis

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    That's a good description about Ares. I like his complicated and dark character as described in the Hercules and Xena series. I am not a big fan of protagonists in TV shows and movies.
  7. CancerLeo

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    There have been some characteristics that I've heard about that are less than desirable or admirable. Like, he'll often leave the losing side of an army and join the winning army. He'll sometimes even flee from battle. Very humanlike characteristics like many of the greek gods, which I find likeable.
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    Ares is my favourite of the Greek gods. I just find him so interesting. He's actually a character in a book I am writing that involves the daughter of Medusa and Poseidon.
    Who's your favourite god?
  9. Myrddin

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    I kind of like Hades, mostly because he is so misundertood, and misrepresented. Yes, he is the god of the underworld, but no, that does not make him evil; he just got the short straw when the original gods drew for the various realms (Zeus got the heavens, Poseidon the oceans and seas, and then Hades was the unlucky one). Yet in popular culture he is always shown as a villain, but if you look at the original myths, that is just not him. He is a lonely god, presiding over a realm with nothing but the souls of dead people to keep him company. There aren't really any evil gods in the Classic Myth, with the closest probably being Eris, the goddess who basically started the Trojan War with the apple of discord; and Ares, the god of war who, as Persephone mentioned, had a thirst for battle and blood he always needed to quench and no moral center. Now, well all the gods do definitely have their flaws, Hades was no where near as bad as either of those two. Zeus, in my humble opinion, had more flaws then Hades. He's my favourite god, and then Persephone among the goddesses. If you asked me my favourite titan, then I'd say Prometheus.
  10. Lynnajens

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    I love Prometheus. He will also appear in the series at some point, maybe in my spin off tales that take place in the years during each book.

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