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    Loved the movie Avatar, and I think it was because I could find so many cultural variations of tree/nature symbolism and metaphor.

    Found this from the Kindling of Celtic Spirit

    When a tribe cleared the land for a settlement in Ireland, they always left a great tree in the middle, known as the crann bethadh (krawn ba-huh), or Tree of Life, as the spiritual focus and source of well-being. They held assemblies and inaugurated their chieftains beneath it so that they could absorb power from above and below. One of the greatest triumphs over its enemies was to cut down their sacred tree, their foundation of strength and support.

    What else do you think James Cameron took from mythology/history/anthropology?​
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    Wanted to share this pic

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    That is really interesting and I loved the movie Avatar also. I love watching movies and finding similiarities like this. Often I will see a symbol or hear a name and have to go pull out my books and learn all over again.
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    To me the attire of the Na'vi seems sort of Native American, and their stature, physique, mannerisms, ornamentation and face-painting make them seem a whole lot like the Dinka and Maasai of East Africa. Those elements in turn make the whole story seem like a metaphor for the colonisation of Africa and the Americas (as well as parts of Asia) by Europeans.
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    I thought Avatar was amazing.

    I'm like that too; I like to look up similarities I notice in movies, and fictional books as well, that relate back to myth or legend. I immediately go over to my reference shelf and pull off all the books I have on the subject.

    E. M.
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