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    I know very little about Geoffrey of Monmouth and his works, and would love to know more. Particulary his Vita Merlini. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    I read Geoffrey's History of the Kings of Britain several years ago. Penguin books has an edition of it. I remember really enjoying it.
    It is a must for Arthur fans. It is written in a more matter of fact style since it was written in a pre-romance period.
    It starts with the colonization of Britain by the Trojans and continues through to the rise of Arthur after the defeat of Vortigern.
    I don't remember too much off hand, but I did like when Merlin transports Stonehenge from Ireland to England using some sort of
    magical contraption.
    It was interesting to see how the story was when Arthur was first made into a larger than life king by an author.
    Before Geoffrey, I believe Arthur was still a relatively minor character, as well as Merlin.
    I have yet to read the Life of Merlin. I have an edition by R.J.Stewart, but he is a bit too mystical for me, so I have not read it.
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    I like mystical. Mystical magic, shrouds of mystery, maybe a little creepy -- that's what I live for. If you know of anything along any of those lines, pass it along.
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    Anything mystical.

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