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Discussion in 'Urban Legends' started by Allie-Gator, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Allie-Gator

    Allie-Gator Member

    Well, now I've heard everything. There are rumors going around that a Pepsi worker who is HIV + has put some of his blood into the Pepsi that was being bottled. Even if he or she did, HIV will not live long outside of the body so it's a non issue. The things that people will come up with!
  2. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    Oh, so ridiculous! :rolleyes:
  3. MysticSunshine

    MysticSunshine New Member

    Yes it does sound a bit ridiculous and just the thought of someone doing that is disgusting to say the least. I just wonder how much of it is true and how exactly was it found out?
  4. Dianna

    Dianna Member

    That is a disgusting rumor, but it is more likely that Coke started that rumor to keep people from buying Pepsi than for that to happen or be an issue.
  5. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    I most certainly hope Coke did not start it. Because that's just way below the belt. And a good way to ruin themselves. If found out, they would lose a lot more customers than they would gain. I would guess it was probably started by some bored perp with too much time on his/her hands.
  6. greekgoddess31

    greekgoddess31 Active Member

    I would hope it wouldn't happen , but these days you just never know if something like that is true. I don't think Coke needs to start rumors like that to get their market share, they pretty much just dominate Pepsi in every way.
  7. jerri

    jerri Member

    How much blood did this guy lose? Think about it--even if he put blood in one can it wouldn't do anything. If Coke can make an old penny look new I'm sure Pepsi can kill a few germs between bottling (canning?) and consumption.
  8. Arachne

    Arachne Member

    I never drink that horrible stuff anyways so I have nothing to worry about :)
  9. Isis

    Isis Member

    Well they shouldn't dominate, because Coke sucks and Pepsi rules. ;) My first thought was that Coke started this rumor, but honestly I doubt they would or need to stoop to that.
  10. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    I honestly don't think Coke would do that, just because it's just such an awful thing to do. And I agree, Pepsi rules. Coke only works if it's a mixed drink (e.g. rum and coke).
  11. ~DragonRider~

    ~DragonRider~ Member

    I hate both sodas. I hate all soda HEH HEH
  12. greekgoddess31

    greekgoddess31 Active Member

    Isis and Myrddin, I will just have to agree to disagree! Coke is the best. Pepsi always gives me a bellyache and I think it is too sweet.
  13. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    Oh, it's just my taste. I'm not saying anything against coke, just that I prefer pepsi.
  14. Ramina

    Ramina New Member

    Completely agree with you guys just read somewhere that The Message / SMS floating regarding Pepsi and Tropicana being contaminated with HIV AIDS is completely absurd and baseless. Pepsi and Tropicana are 100% safe. All pepsico products are manufactured in fully automated plants, untouched by hand, that maintain global standards of quality and excellence. There are several third party consumer protection websites debunking the rumour, such as, and; please see the link -
  15. Enchanted

    Enchanted New Member

    I remember hearing this one. I used to have some friends who worked at a bottling plant who swore up and down they would never drink from a glass bottle, because it was probably tainted from something. They figured they come in dirty to be recycled and who knows what could happen in the process? We think they sterilize everything perfectly but do we really know for sure?
  16. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    This reminds me of the Edward Norton Incredible Hulk movie, in which he accidentally lets a drop of his blood fall into a bottle being filled with some drink, which after being shipped to America, Stan Lee gets much more of a kick then he expected (which ultimately sends a military team to that country where Bruce Banner is hiding). Maybe this has something to do with the beginnings of this hiv/pepsi rumour?

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