How did you find us?

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by danrak, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. jason

    jason empty

    Admin Post
    How did you find us?

    So how did you find us?
  2. doodlebug

    doodlebug New Member

    Just lucky, I guess. I stumbled upon a magic pebble...
  3. TSA

    TSA New Member

    The chaotic world that is Myspace.:p
  4. Veles

    Veles New Member

    By chance. I googled to find a site about mythology and...there you were. :D
  5. Honi

    Honi Graybeard

    I'm not sure I have. :confused:
  6. bobby_5000

    bobby_5000 New Member

    :D i wanted to knw abt dragons and othr i searched n fell down here.
  7. figment

    figment New Member

    I googled "mythology forum" and this was one of the first sites listed. :)
  8. greekgeek

    greekgeek Wanderer

    Google "Mythology discussion forum" :)
  9. Hector of Troy

    Hector of Troy New Member

    i googled mythology forums and this place came up
  10. Lhucien

    Lhucien New Member

    I googled "Mythology forum"
  11. Blood Eagle

    Blood Eagle Aetheling

    I consulted the runes.

    (Okay, Google search.)
  12. Kveldulfr

    Kveldulfr The Evening Wolf

    Google search
  13. Faerie_Tale_Wonderland

    Faerie_Tale_Wonderland Leg Humping Guy

    yeh pretty much was just looking for a new forum with new faces other than my main forum =]
  14. Oziris

    Oziris New Member

    Funny I googled "mythology forum" :D
  15. marmalade

    marmalade New Member

    Yep, google it was.
  16. enchantress

    enchantress New Member

    I found your site by searching it.
    I want to learn more about myths and legends that is why I entered this site.
  17. Eragon

    Eragon Eragon Shadeslayer & Demo

    i googled demon slaying
  18. HermesRulz101

    HermesRulz101 New Member

    i googled mythology forums and what do you know i came here

    this place is so great
  19. von_owen

    von_owen The Myth

    from google... I was searching for myth forum and online communities then at the top result they gave you to me then I immediately signed up
  20. Fester

    Fester New Member

    mythology forum - Google search :)

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