How did you find us?

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by danrak, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Diana

    Diana Member

    I was looking up information on Celtic mythology and found a link for the site, I looked around and joined because it looked like an interesting place to learn from.
  2. ApolloPriestess

    ApolloPriestess New Member

    I googled mythology forums
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  3. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    From trading in my cow for some magic beans! Just kidding. Google searched mythology forum, and felt lucky. I wanted a place where I could inquire about specific mythological topics. So I signed up.
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  4. Radhika

    Radhika New Member

    I found this from the Google.
  5. Arachne

    Arachne Member

    Searched "mythology forum" :)
  6. mythlvr

    mythlvr New Member

    surfing the internet because I was looking at Clash of the Titans on TV and was curious about some of the characters (medusa for one). Google is a wonderful thing!!!
  7. ~DragonRider~

    ~DragonRider~ Member

    It's all in my conspiracy!
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  8. I think I remembered seeing a sponsored ad on Facebook for a forum on Greek Mythology, but didn't give it much thought.

    A few days ago, I discovered that Yahoo Answers had a Mythology & Folklore section, and I avidly posted answers in there for a few days, but grew disillusioned with it, since half of the questions consisted of the following: "am i a vampre cuz i thin i am?"(sic), "What is happening to me?", "Did Miniature Humans Populate Earth 12,000 Years Ago?", "Is there a mermaid spell that TRULEY!!! Works?"(sic), "You know anywhere I can discuss Mythology & Folklore in an semi-educated and largely troll-less environment?", "do gingers have souls?". . . And these are some of questions that have been asked only in the last five hours. I can't tell you how many "Am I a [insert vampire, werewolf, mermaid, or demigod here]? questions I've seen, and I daresay most of you could tell which was the question I posed to the group. the last straw was when my knowledgeable answers (not trying to sound vain, but don't quite know how else to put it), and in some instances excerpts directly copied from one of my reference books (and given proper credit, of course) were repeatedly given "thumbs down."

    Anyway, earlier, I googled "mythology forum," and this was a top result. I also found the Greek Mythology forum, but it didn't seem too spectacular. Hopefully this website will be free from the Percy Jackson and Twilight-obsessed teeny-bopper yahoos that infested Yahoo Answers. :)
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  9. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    Not to worry. You won't find any infuriating infestations here.:D
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  10. Argus

    Argus New Member

    Typed greek mythology forum into google
  11. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    Hey, that's what I did!
  12. Myth Scan

    Myth Scan New Member

    I searched google for forums concerning about myths.
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  13. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    That is a very good definition of the word myth. In fact, probably the best way to put it. Congrats!

    So, now, what about the difference between a myth and a legend? Two words that should not be confused.

    E. M.
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  14. Myth Scan

    Myth Scan New Member

    Thank you, E.M.
    I would say that a legend is a story, or a popular belief (a.k.a. myth) that deserves proper analysis in order to scan for all the truth that it may contain.

    My opinion:
    • Legends are obviously fabricated stories that contain largely unrealistic characters and events, but may contain truth about people's way of life in the far past; but
    • Myths are not obviously fabricated stories, they contain more realistic characters and events, and they may or may not be true as a whole or in parts.
    So, legends are definitely fabrications that may contain some truth, but myths are more realistic, not definitely fabrications, and usually more recent.
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  15. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind that legends are fabricated stories based around some nugget of truth. The Arthurian legends, for example, take place around a man, or many men, who changed the course of history and forged a government of some sort, that we today call the Knights of the Round Table. Now, of course, with all the fiction and magic that has been built up around it, we aren't sure what is the truth and what is made up. All we do know for sure is that there is some truth, somewhere, deep at the core of the stories. In some tales, Hadrian's Wall is featured, in others, Stone Henge. Some versions may contain both -- or neither.

    Back to my main point: When it comes to legends, it's not a question of whether or not they contain some truth, but rather what the truth, or truths, is, or are.

    Myths we know are fabricated stories, with gods and goddesses and their interactions with the heroes -- stories told to explain what the ancient cultures didn't know how to explain otherwise. Essentially what you said on your site.

    The words you used above in the bullets are perfect but, in my opinion, backwards. That's just the way I see it, though.

    E. M.
    (Emrys Myrddin)
  16. thundergoddess

    thundergoddess New Member

    I googled mythology forum. I really need to write to a place like that. :)
  17. Daniele Bello

    Daniele Bello New Member

    I googled to find a site about mythology...
  18. Misa

    Misa Member

    I googled Hebe's sons by Herakles (Alexiares and Anicetus/Aniketos) looking for children by them (Hippodamia, daughter of Anicetus was a lover of Zeus according to Clement in Recognitions) and that turned up in the "Impossible questions database" thread.
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  19. The Misfit

    The Misfit New Member

    I googled "Mythology forum"
  20. AlCont

    AlCont New Member

    And me too. :D
    Hi guys.

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