Pyramids - not just for egypt anymore...

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Are the Eastern European pyramids real?

  1. No, they are just hills that look like pyramids.

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  2. Yes, they are but they were built by non-Europeans.

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  3. Yes, they are real and built by native people in Europe.

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  1. Lucifer

    Lucifer New Member

    Okay, I know about all the cool Step Pyramids in South America, but what about the ones being found in Europe. Yes, Europe. This is part of my theory that North America and Northern Europe has a hidden ancient culture and civilization that could rival Egypt and the so call Middle Eastern "Cradle of Civilization". And lo and behold, they are finding stuff in Eastern Europe that appears to be pyramids. I would just like to challenge people to think that perhaps some of our education, especially us on the North American continent, may have been taught erroneously on purpose due to possible religious biases. We need to open our eyes and not allow our scientists and professionals to be blinded by religious dogmas and catmas set down as guidelines as to how they may or may not report their findings regarding topics that should be purely scientific and rational.

    So here are a few links that talk about the Eastern European structures.

    Some of these links say the pyramids are fakes while other proclaim authenticity. What will be interesting is to see how the Egyptologists will react to these and if professionals in history and archaeology will try and rationalize these structures as having been built by some culture other than European origin.

    It is my theory that European civilization and cultural development on its own is considered a threat to certain religious mythologies that center in the Middle East. If a high culture and civilization would have started on it's own in Europe, then why would the indigenous people of that region wish to follow another heritage? If they could be proud of their own ancestory, then they would start to return back to that original culture and way of thinking. There is a long history of the Christians being very intimidated by other cultures and centers of civilization. Look at South American as a quick example. So why is North America and Europe left as the only place on the planet without an ancient culture and civilization? Or is it? Has it been hidden? Has it been systematically destroyed?

    These are all questions that I would like to encourage people to think about.

    And yes, I knew certain groups would not find my hypothesis real popular, but you can't make everyone happy.:)
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  2. Alwi Verdinan

    Alwi Verdinan New Member

    Aztec & Mayan also built the pyramid :eek:
  3. Chintai

    Chintai Member

    You have raised some really interesting questions here. I am all for conspiracy theories and am definitely going to look into this more. I didn't open all the links so not sure what has been found in North America but I agree that Europe has likely got a hidden history waiting to be exposed. I hope it happens in my lifetime.
  4. TheReaper

    TheReaper New Member

    Like Chintai, I am a believer of conspiracy theories. When it comes down to it, what do we really know other than what we are being told? That kind of makes me feel like a sheep following along with the flock. Thanks for the links - I'll definitely be checking them out :)
  5. Talaria

    Talaria Member

    This is awesome! Thanks for the articles. I wonder what else we can find.
  6. jason

    jason empty

    Admin Post
    Have you read about the underwater pyramid in Japan?
  7. DLegend

    DLegend Member

    Even China has their own pyramid, bigger than the pyramid in Egypt.

    I think pyramids are one of the major structures in the old world. Let's try to put our feet on the shoes of the people in those times. Most people during that era believed that kings and emperors are gods so they will become gods when they die. The kings and emperors will then make buildings that will immortalize them and could become a gateway to the home of the gods. Pyramids are the best structures for this purpose. This is my theory.
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  8. Talaria

    Talaria Member

    We have mounds in Illinois which resemble pyramids. I've heard of them but I don't really know much about them so here is the link.
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  9. Lucifer

    Lucifer New Member

    China and the US.... Those were cool. I had no idea that anything like that was in China. And I have been wondering about the North American continent. I think we would find something if we actually started looking at the physical structures around us more carefully. Thanks for sharing those!
  10. Wotan

    Wotan Member

    I was certain that they were just hills until I saw the chinese ones looking almost the same (fully covered with trees growing on them) Now I am not so sure. It would be fantastic to find another great civilisation in our life time.
  11. DLegend

    DLegend Member

    It is sure interesting to find a new civilization, I wish it will be the Atlantean Civilization.

    What mesmerizes me with the pyramids is the purpose of building them. I don't know but I think the first pyramid ever created is the Tower of Babel recorded in the Bible, if you believe in this book.
  12. Misa

    Misa Member

  13. The Misfit

    The Misfit New Member

    Sorry, but I'm just nowhere near convinced. And Osmanagić seems like a total assclown. (Excuse my language.)
  14. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    You are pardoned. I actually kind of like that word - you could shorten it to AClown. Can I use it? :cool:

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