Son with 6 heads was yggdrasil

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    Said Ganglere: What took place before the races came into existence, and men increased and multiplied? Replied Har...when the heated blasts from Muspelheim met the rime, so that it melted into drops, then, by the might of him who sent the heat, the drops quickened into life and took the likeness of a man, who got the name Ymer. But the Frost giants call him Aurgelmer.

    Then asked Ganglere: How were the races developed from him? Or what was done so that more men were made? Or do you believe him to be a god of whom you now spake? Made answer Har: By no means do we believe him to be god; evil was he and all his offspring, them we call frost-giants. It is said that when he slept he fell into a sweat, and then there grew under his left arm a man and a woman, and one of his feet begat with the other a son.

    Odin spake:

    "Seventh answer me well, | if wise thou art called,
    If thou knowest it, Vafthruthnir, now:
    How begat he children, | the giant grim,
    Who never a giantess knew?"

    Vafthruthnir spake:

    "They say 'neath the arms | of the giant of ice
    Grew man-child and maid together;
    And foot with foot | did the wise one fashion
    A son that six heads bore."

    I believe the son with 6 heads was Yggdrasil.
    Yggdrasil = Ach-Hydros-El = Cain-Ach = Enoch = Ananke
    Ach means brotherand, of course, Cain is Hydros
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    I don't believe this is so. It would help if you let us know where your quotes are from (the Eddas, right?), and who translated them. The line "Yggdrasil = Ach-Hydros-El = Cain-Ach = Enoch = Ananke" doesn't look at all right or well researched to me. Is this your own folk etymology, or do you have a source for it?

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