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    In regards to Women of the Otherworld I have an update. There are 13 novels, and the thirteenth is the last. It is aptly called 13. Savannah Levine narrates. Kelley Armstrong has now gone on to other other things... sadly. Cainsville, I believe. Omens is the first novel, and only at the mo, out.

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    Myrddin, you might like the Hollows series by Kim Harrison (author also goes by name Dawn Cook) it's about a witch named Rachel Morgan who, after genetically altered tomatoes devastate the human population (this is called "The Turn" and happens forty years before the start of the books) Rachel with a vampire roommate Ivy and a pixie Jenks helps to keep the peace between her people (the Interlanders, banshee, vampire, werewolf, pixie, fairy, and much more) and the human Cincinnati, helping the police to solve crimes with her freelance 'Vampiric Charms' runner and security service. There are so far 13 novels.
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    Thank you very much. I made a note of it and, hopefully, will get to it at some point. (I have many, many books I want to read so it likely won't be anytime soon, but I'm sure I'll get there.) ;)

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    Myrddin, have you gotten into the television series Penny Dreadful? I started watching it recently and I find that it has so much of the things I enjoy. Mystery and fantasy and legend and gore as well as some of my favourite monsters. If you haven't, I think you should check it out.
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    A similarly-sounding series I've really enjoyed is Julie Kagawa's Immortal Rules. Another post-apocalyptic book. There is a bit of everything in the series from vampires to zombie-like creatures. It's really quite entertaining.
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    Does "just another myth" mean that something is untrue? Myths always portray either metaphorical or allegorical truth.

    Witches certainly have existed and still do. They are not exemplified by the absurd witch in Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. They are usually pagans who have a high regard for the earth and the material universe. Surely we are mature enough to refrain from regarding them as evil devil worshippers. The treatment of witches throughout history is totally nauseating.
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    To this last point I might add that using a picture of an ugly Witch as an Halloween (Samhain) decoration is as disrespectful and offensive as using a picture of an ugly Jew as a Hanukkah decoration.
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    That's not the same thing at all. I think it's good to remember that, well witches are not told or treated very well throughout history (and, yes, it is nauseating) and they are in fact more grounded and connected to the earth and universe then I could ever hope to be, they also have a deep history in the mind and imagination, evolving from fairy tales to modern stories like Harry Potter, which is still important to keep alive, otherwise we'll just forget and never learn from our mistakes. All that really means is that there is a big difference between the real witch and the absurd witch (that is, the fictitious aspect). The absurd witch is very closely associated to Halloween and, to try to keep this short, has a monument to it. That's all that's being hung up. It has little to nothing to do with the real witch. Whereas, to hang a picture of an ugly Jew on Chanukah has no bearing in imaginative history, and is just plain cruel and offensive.
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